Atlas Pacific Engineering Company, Inc.

7304 S Joliet St., Ste. 300 Centennial, CO 80112 United States


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Member Since: 1905

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Organization Overview

For over 70 years, Atlas Pacific has been the world leader of deciduous fruit processing equipment. We offer the industry a range of machinery that enables our customers to produce the highest quality product while achieving unmatched operating efficiencies and yield savings. We have a global staff of experienced service and sales professionals who can assist in process optimization and consulting, equipment and maintenance, and full-scale support for all seasonal or year-round spare parts requirements. We are your partner to the core.
Photo of Atlas Pacific Engineering Company, Inc.


Robb Morris

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Smith

Bryan Higuchi

Cori Mraovich

Market Analyst

Dick Gigliotti

Erik Teranchi


Giovanni Figueroa

Executive Assistant

Jay Sefcovic

Sales & Service Manager

Jeremy Flug

Josh Norwood

Director of Sales and Service

Kevin Freiwald

Service Manager

Ron Gallop

Steven Ferrell

CEO, Gulftech International

Tom Guadagna

Senior Service Representative

Zeb Konsdorf

Western Region Manager

Products & Services

Processing Equipment: Cutters, Processing Equipment: General, Processing Equipment: Peelers