About CLFP

Serving the Interests of the California Food Industry Since 1905

The California League of Food Producers (CLFP) has been the voice and the advocate for California's food producing industry since 1905. CLFP represents the interests of both large and small food processors and beverage producers throughout the state and works to help ensure a favorable and profitable business environment for its members and the entire food-producing industry.

Located in Sacramento, CLFP is the only statewide food-producing organization in California focused specifically on protecting the interests of food processors before all branches of state government. CLFP is at the forefront in addressing the many regulatory issues facing the industry in a state with the most complex and challenging state regulatory environment in the U.S. CLFP is structured and staffed to help its members effectively comply with requirements and plan for the future.


Our Strength is in Our Membership

Because of the active membership participation from its food-producing member companies, CLFP is able to present a strong front in advancing industry issues.

Member companies include canners, freezers, dryers, and dehydrators of fruits and vegetables. Additional processor members include snack foods, juice and beverage bottlers, and specialty processors of a variety of food products.

In addition to our active processor company membership, nearly 250 affiliate members - industry suppliers - are included as important participant members in CLFP.

Member Policy Committees

Nine active policy committees provide the backbone of CLFP’s mission. Member company experts come together to identify emerging issues and recommend policy and actions for consideration by the board of directors. Committee membership is open to all active and affiliate member companies. Each committee is an important, functioning part of the CLFP structure. Every year these groups analyze a wide variety of public policy issues. Their recommendations are the building blocks of CLFP policy. Most of our continuing member service programs are managed by one or more CLFP committees.


Jim Lipman
California Olive Ranch
2022-2023 Committee Chair

Jon Alby
Leprino Foods Company

Lily Chiem
Kagome, Inc.

Danny Green
Los Gatos Tomato Products

Tim Hamilton
ConAgra Brands, Inc.

Nick Kastle
J.G. Boswell Company

David Kiehn
Campbell Soup Supply Company

Chris Lehikainen
Stanislaus Food Products

P.J. Mecozzi
Del Mar Food Products Corp.

Patrick Ricchiuti
ENZO Olive Oil Company

Chris Rufer
The Morning Star Packing Company

Mike Smyth
Olam Food Ingredients

Chris Ward
Pacific Coast Producers

Melvin Ward
Sunsweet Growers, Inc.

Michael Wood
Hilmar Cheese Company

CLFP Committees

  • Agricultural Production Committee
  • Energy Resources Committee
    - Electric Rate Subcommittee
    - Natural Gas Subcommittee
  • Environmental Committee
    - Air Quality Subcommittee
    - Solid Waste Subcommittee
    - Water Resources Subcommittee
  • Food Processing Expo Steering Committee
  • Food Safety, Nutrition, & Labeling Committee
  • Labor & Employment Committee
  • Legislative Affairs Committee
  • Peach Research Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Tomato Processing Research Committee
  • Transportation & Logistics Committee


To join a committee, please download and complete the Committee Sign Up Form, and submit to
Jacqueline Yambor at [email protected], or contact 916-640-8150.

Scholarship Program

CLFP is committed to fostering the education of California college students by providing a number of scholarships to deserving students, including the children of member companies. Hundreds of students have benefited from this valuable program.

Funding for the Scholarship Program is obtained from CLFP's annual fall Supplier Host Council Golf Tournament and annual Silent Auction, held during the Food Processing Expo.