Food Processing Expo

Held Each February in Sacramento, CA

The Food Processing Expo has returned to Sacramento California. Join us on February 14 & 15, 2023 for California's largest food processing expo! For more information, visit our website.

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2022 Food Processing Expo Workshops

Multiple Educational Sessions were held on the show floor during the Expo. Following is a list of topics held at the 2022 Food Processing Expo!

  • Challenges to Bringing Protein Alternative Products to Market
    Food processors are rushing to bring an array of new protein alternative products to the market, including plant-based products and cell-cultured proteins. Consumer interest in these products is growing rapidly, but apprehension about some of these products remain. There are a number of number of unique labeling and regulatory considerations that must be addressed when developing these products and this session will be led by an expert in this emerging and exciting new segment of the food industry.
  • How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection
    What does OSHA look for during an inspection of your facilities, and what are your potential risks? This session will cover the records that you will need to present to the inspector, your rights as an employer, and recommended do's and don'ts when preparing for and hosting an OSHA inspection. Our speaker is a former OSHA official who now works with the employers to help them with their compliance issues.
  • Embracing a Culture of Food Safety
    Food safety cannot end with audits and checklists- it needs to be a part of who you are as a member of the Food Industry! The food safety culture of a facility encompasses the attitudes, beliefs, practices and values that determine what is happening when no one is watching. Is food safety at the core of your company's beliefs?
  • Meeting New Groundwater Nitrate Limitations For Wastewater Land Application Operations
    If your facility is located in the Central Valley and discharges wastewater to a land application site, or to a city that discharges to one, new nitrate regulations will directly impact your operations and permit costs. All dischargers are required to choose a compliance pathway and each option has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Our speaker has been helping food processors comply with discharge permit requirements for many years and will discuss how you can be proactive and comply with the new regulations in the most effective manner.
  • Robotics and Automation in the Food Industry
    The rising cost of labor, COVID-19 regulations and market price competition have accelerated the need for processors to automate their operations. However, automation technology and robotics are expensive to implement, maintain, and integrate into your operations. Researchers at UC Merced are working closely with farmers and food processors to develop, test and implement a wide range of game-changing new technologies. Our speaker will discuss the research initiatives and how you can collaborate with the university to successfully integrate automation into your operations.
  • From "Food Sorters" to "Intelligence Center" - Examples of How Data Helps You to Save Costs and Unlock Opportunities