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PAC Contribution

Each year, members contribute funds to the California League of Food Producer’s Political Action Committee (CLFP PAC), which we then utilize to support legislative candidates and office holders with a commitment to a pro-business regulatory climate and an appreciation of the food business role in this state's economy. Contributions to CLFP PAC are an important tool in the organization's lobbying arsenal. We must be able to participate in the political races of candidates who share our concerns about the policies and programs of California state government. Business organizations, labor unions and environmental groups are all represented through political action committees. It is critical that we maintain a presence in this arena.

The suggested contribution level for members is 10% of their company's annual CLFP membership dues. We welcome all contributions, above or below this amount. As a processor member, if your company contributes $1,000 or more, you will have a seat on the CLFP PAC Executive Committee.

Thank you for your consideration of this important request for support.

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Suggested Donation: