Member Company Scholarships

In an effort to promote higher education, we offer a scholarship program to full-time employees (year-round or seasonal) and their dependents employed by CLFP Processor and Supplier Host Council members.

This is a chance to offer the employees and dependents of employees from California member food-processing facilities the opportunity to earn a $500 or $1,000 scholarship to pursue higher education in California; a small expression of our appreciation to those members and their families for serving this important industry.

The scholarships will be awarded in any combination of $1,000 scholarships to undergraduate students enrolled in a four year accredited California college/university and $500 scholarships to students enrolled in a two year accredited California community college.

Who is Eligible?

Open to all full-time or full-time seasonal employees and their dependents of CLFP Processor and Supplier Host Council members.

  • Must be an undergraduate student entering or attending one of the following:
    • Four year accredited California college/university
    • Two year accredited California community college
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Graduate students do not qualify for the CLFP Scholarship at this time


All applications must be accompanied by the following items:

  • Official, unopened transcripts of student’s most recent two years of study
  • Two letters of recommendation (written and signed within the last twelve months by someone other than a student peer or family member)
  • Official proof of enrollment in an accredited four year California college or university, or an accredited two year California community college
  • Completed and signed application form

Application (open)        Instructions

Scholarship Criteria

The Executive Committee of the California League of Food Producers will select scholarship recipients in the Fall. Awards will be decided based on the following criteria:

Grades/Academics 20%
Extra-Curricular Activities 15%
Work Experience 15%
Professional/Career Goals 25%
Financial Needs 25%

For questions, please contact Jamie Greeson at [email protected] or (916) 640-8150.